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About Department

Hand Surgery has been evolving as a super-specialty since many decades across world. Treatment of hand ailments involve multiple surgical skills from Orthopaedics, Plastic surgery, Vascular surgery to deal with range of problems including children’s hand problems, fractures and crush injuries of fingers and hand, paralysis of hand and spastic hands due to brain injuries. We aim to treat hand holistically as an organ rather than compartmentalizing in different systems. Department of Hand Surgery consists of Dr Nilesh Darawade who is first National Board-Certified Hand Surgeon in state of Maharashtra. After completing his Orthopaedic Residency from JJ Hospital, Mumbai; he completed 2 years training of National Board Certification in Hand Surgery from Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore. Ganga Hospital is premium institute for hand surgery in India and world at large. Dr Nilesh Darawade has also visited Kleinert Kutz Center for Hand Surgery, Louisville, USA.

Procedures / Surgeries performed in Department

Treatment of Wrist injuries, Wrist arthroscopy, Tendon repair/ reconstruction, Treatment of arthritis of Hand, Paediatric hand problems, Brachial Plexus injury, Treatment of spastic hand

Prominent equipments

Operating microscope, Hand Held Pen Drill, Microsurgery instruments



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