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The Cancer Genetics Clinic has been started since January 2014.

Cancer Genetics Clinic is for people who want to know their own risk or other family members risk.

Some of the clues to an inherited predisposition to cancer include multiple family members with the same or related cancer types, cancers being diagnosed at an earlier age, usually less than 40 years, and individuals being diagnosed with more than one cancer during their lifetime.

Cancer Genetics Clinic will provide genetic counseling based on the following guidelines:

  • Review of the family and medical history information with particular attention to cancers.
  • Creating a detailed family pedigree chart for comprehensive risk assessment calculation.
  • Explanation of relevant inherited cancer predispositions and patterns of inheritance.
  • Discussion regarding genetic testing for diagnosis, prognosis and risk prediction as indicated.
  • Providing pre-test and post-test informed decision making.
  • Maintaining a cancer type-specific genetics registry through the Cancer Genetics Clinic.


For more information or for appointments, please contact DMHRC Annex reception from Monday to Saturday between 9.00 am to 5.00 pm on 020-40151680.