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Humane approach with ethical practice is the hallmark of this department.

Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital is a tertiary hospital geared to manage complicated medical problems. The department of Medicine has higly qulaified & experienced consultants who can handle complex medical issues. The availability of various medical and surgical super specialists, round the clock laboratory and radiology services, blood bank, emergency and critical care units ensure that the medicine department can offer high quality treatment for patients requiring tertiary level medical care.

Out Patient Services (OPD)

  • The outdoor patient (OPD) service is imparted through extensive OPD timings from 9.00 am to 8.00 pm. and OPD also runs on Sunday in the morning hours.
  • Avg patients treated on OPD basis is 2500 Per Month
  • The department cater`s to diabetic patients through our OPD in personalised manner considering their special needs.
  • Special care to patients with diabetic foot including diagnostics and treatment is also available.

In Patient Services (IPD)

  • The inpatient management is of a high standard and is administered through a team of lecturers and dedicated DNB students.
  • The department has a high volume of patient admissions. Avg 500 Admissions / Month
  • The department is well coordinated in its activities and is supported by its own consultants along with those from various super-specialities.
  • The department caters to the obstetric colleagues and handles high volume of pregnancies with medical problems.
  • With a back up from microbiology department, pathology department and intensive care unit ,we treat record number of cases of various infections and have treated patients in epidemics of H1N1,dengue,chikungunya and specialize in treating tropical infections.
  • Number of cases of H1N1 and dengue fever treated by us from 2011 to 2014
Year Dengue Fever / DHF / DSS H1N1 Infection
2011 47 2
2012 244 55
2013 177 29
2014 53 (Till 28th July 2014) 3 (Till 28th July 2014)
  • There is a regular scheme of internal departmental audit. In this a random scrutiny of indoor patients is done by all the consultants.
  • Special code blue service is available for tackling any unexpected serious eventuality in ward as well as in whole hospital premises.


  • The department also runs a teaching course for DNB students in general medicine.
  • The department also looks after research activities.There have been two original research publications published in Indian journals like JAPI and JIMA.
  • The department also has plans to conduct retrospective and prospective studies in future
  • The department has got high academic standards; regular academic meetings take place among the hospital consultants. Important deaths and difficult cases are discussed in mortality and morbidity meetings respectively. Regular seminars are conducted for academic up-gradation. Department conducts a continuing medical education programme for post graduate students annually.
  • The department conducts nursing teaching programmes through lectures, workshops, insulin administration techniques and other routine procedure demonstration.
  • The department takes interest in patient education. This is achieved through detailed discussions with individual patients, by giving them handouts, informing them about various diseases in Marathi as well as English.
  • The department also has video clippings to educate patients as well as patients’ relatives regarding insulin injection techniques, glucometry procedure and dietary advice.
  • The department conducts programme for public awareness. Seminars have been conducted to inform them about issues related to diet and problems of aging.

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