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About Us

Cytogenetic lab was started at DMH on 15th August 2003. We are routinely karyotyping blood, bone marrow, amniotic fluid, abortuses and permanent cell lines . We also perform FISH in our laboratory. We are equipped with good quality tissue culture rooms and fluorescent microscope with software for karyotype analysis. The laboratory has team of well educated and devoted technicians with training in tissue culture and cytogenetics.

Procedures Performed


  • Blood Karyotype
  • Prenatal karyotype (Amniotic Fluid/CVS/Cord Blood)
  • Abortus Karyotype
  • Bone marrow/Blood culture for leukaemia
  • Permanent cell line


  • PND/live born of 13,21,18,X,Y
  • PND/live born of Prader willi/ Angelman Syndrome.
  • PND/live born of DiGeorge Syndrome.
  • PND/live born of Cri-Du-Chat Syndrome
  • PND/live born of Wolf- Hirschhorn Syndrome
  • PND/live born of Willium-Beuren syndrome
  • PND/live born of PWCR SNRPN (15Q11)
  • PND/live born of MDCRI LIS(17P13)
  • PND/live born of DGCRII(10P14)/SE14
  • FISH sperm aneuploidy

Tissue culture

  • DNA repair enzyme/Mit C /Breakage Study
  • Melanocyte Culture
  • Short term Fibroblast Cultur
  • CVS cleaning

Past Conference or Event Details

Animal Tissue culture courses for graduate and post graduate students

Future Events

Hands on training in animal tissue culture technique.

Paper Published

  • Nath S, Moghe M, Chowdhury A, Godbole K, Godbole G, Doiphode M and Roychoudhury S. (2012) Is germline transmission of MAD2 gene deletion associated with human fetal loss? Mol. Hum. Reprod. 18 (11): 554-562
  • Moghe M and Kulkarni P (2006) Recurrent early pregnancy loss due to trisomy 21. J Obstct. Gynecol . India 56 (5): 443-445.


Educationl Content

What is karyotype analysis?

Karyotype analysis is arranging the chromosome according to international method. Karyotype can identify numerical and structural changes in the chromosome. These changes give rise to abnormalities. Such as mental retardation, recurrent abortion, hypogonadism and leukaemia

Why does karyotype analysis take long time?

For obtaining identifiable chromosome the cells are grown in the test tube which is a lengthy procedure.

What is FISH?

FISH is a fluorescence in situ hybridisation. Here one can identify a single gene on particular chromosome which is not possible with karyotype. This can be performed on dividing or non dividing cells. So the result could be obtained faster.

What are the indication for karyotype analysis?

  • Mental retardation.
  • Recurrent abortion
  • Primary amenorrhea
  • Hypogonadism
  • Ambigous genetalia.
  • leukaemia

What is prenatal chromosome diagnosis?

When the chromosome of unborn childe are tested for karyotype analysis it is prenatal diagnosis. For prenatal diagnosis amniotic fluid or chorionic villi are taken from womb of pregnant women. Chorionic villi are collected at around 13 weeks and amniotic fluid is collected at 16 weeks.

What is tissue culture?

Tissue culture is growing cell outside the body. It is a very specialised technique. For culturing the tissue, specialised facility is developed called as tissue culture room. Tissue culture room has aseptic atmosphere to protect cell from infections. All the nutrients, water, air, osmotic pressure and pH are maintained at perfect levels during culture. We provide tissue culture training in Animal Tissue culture to graduate and post graduate student.

Know Your Consultant

Dr. Mrinalini Moghe
Ph.D.(Human Genetics) In-charge of Centre for Genetic Diagnosis

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 Department of Genetics, 6th flr, A wing, Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital. Pune. Maharashtra,
Tel.no. 020-40151680 
Email : genetics@dmhospital.org