Emergency Call : 020 40151540



1 (a). RECEPTION : 24 Hours.

Location : Ground Floor Center Core GS Building

General Enquiry (020 - 40151000)

Information about Consultants / Doctors

Coffee / Tea Tokens

1 (b). RECEPTION : 24 Hours

Location : Ground Floor Center Core SS Building

General Enquiry (020 - 49153000)

Information about Consultants / Doctors

Coffee / Tea Tokens

2 (a). BILLING IPD :


Building & Floor Timing
GS 2nd Floor 08:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m
GS Ground Floor - ER 10:00 p.m to 08:00 a.m
GS 4th Floor 10:00 a.m to 06:30 p.m
SS Ground Floor 24x7 x 365 days
SS 8th Floor 09:30 a.m to 06:00 p.m
SS 10th Floor 09:30 a.m to 06:00 p.m
SS 2nd Floor 09:30 a.m to 06:00 p.m
SS 3rd Floor 09:30 a.m to 06:00 p.m

1.Estimate of bill may change due to the type of room you are selecting.

2.We accept payment by cash (upto 2 lacs), Demand Draft, Debit/Credit Cards, NEFT/RTGS, UPI payments, Gateway payments. Cheque is the last option of the payment.

3.Please do all procedures related to cashless billing on the day of admission.

4.Please check your outstanding bill once in two days at the billing department.

5.For expensive treatments and surgeries (Cardiac, Neuro, Joint Replacements, Organ Transplants etc.) you may need to deposit advance.

6.Refunds are paid by cheque/NEFT where the amount is more then Rs 19999/- only.

2 (b). BILLING OPD :

1. OPD Billing Timings are 8am to 8pm and for Emergency Dept, billing counter runs 24hrs

2. For all Specialities consultaion with the same doctor is free within 10 days of 1st paid consultaion. Follow up charges will be applicable after 10 days and the same rule of free consultation is applicable for the next visit 3. For Dental, consultation with the same doctor is free for 3 months of 1st paid consultation.

3. Re-registration charges are applicable consultant wise, i.e. if a patient visits a particular consultant after a gap of 90 days, 1st visit consultation are applicable.

4. Few of the consultants also run private OPD in the hospital where in consultants could be seen with prior appointment. There would be no fixed consultation fees. Doctor will have the discretion to charge anything upto rs 750/-

5. Refunds are normally paid by cheque only where amounts are more then 19,990/-

6. We accept payment by Cash/Credit & Debit Card/Demand Draft/NEFT/RTGS/UPI payments/Gateway Payments

3. PHARMACY: 24 Hours

1. 24x7 hours Pharmacy (Day & Night)

2. Locations:

  • a. Ground Floor, Between B & C Wing, Main Building
  • Contact: (020) 40151040, 40151041
  • b. Ground Floor, New Building
  • Contact: (020) 49153009, 49153443

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4. BLOOD BANK: 24 Hours

Location: Ground Floor SS Building ( +91 20 49153081 / 49153089 )

Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital and Research Center Blood Bank is a FDA approved regional blood bank transfusion center. Blood components like RBC,Fresh Frozen Plasma, Random Donar Platelet, Single Donar Platelet and Cryo Precipitate, Peripheral Blood Stemcells (leucopheresis), Plasma pherisis, Granulocyte apheresis are available on 24/7 x 365 basis. It is ultra modern Blood Bank with state of the art equipments like chemiluminescence, irradiation, Snap freezer and leucoreduction technologies

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Location: GS Building Ground Floor C Wing ( 020-40151011/40151015)
We are committed to provide best quality services. If u have any problems about our services, Public Relation Department is always there to attend to your complaints and suggestions.

This department will also help you for the following:

Medical Certificates

Insurance Claim Forms and all related issues

Periodical / Routine Medical Checkups


Location: Basement C Wing ( 1941 / 1942 )

The Hospital has a well-equipped Catering Facility for Patients, their Relatives, Doctors & Staff and even for any walk in person. The primary aspect of canteen is to provide quality and hygienically safe food to all who come in.

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Location: Public Relation Department - GS Building Ground Floor C Wing ( 020-40151011, 020-40151015 )

Know your health status - We have several Health Check-up packages. Please contact Public Relation department to select a suitable package for you.

Health checkup is done quickly, efficiently and it is offered at discounted rates.


Ground Floor A Wing (Emergency Dept.) (020-40151540, 40151027 )


Location: Ground Floor C Wing (020-40151022 )

For one A4 Size photocopy Rs. 1/- is charged.

10. MORTUARY: 24 Hours

Location: GS Building Basement C Wing

For all relevant documentation and formalities - please contact Admission Department (Ground Floor B wing - 020- 40151020)

11. EMERGENCY: 24 Hours

Location: Ground Floor A Wing (020-40151027, 40151065)


Location: Second Floor B wing (020-40151070)

Timings - 8.00 Hrs to 16:30 Hrs


SS Building Ground Floor

New Registration- Pass Counter 1 (020-49153006)

OPD PASS - Pass Counter 2 (020-49153005)

IPD PASS - Pass Counter 3 (020-49153018)

Entry to the SS Building is only with a valid pass. Kindly Contact the Pass Counter for further details.