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Department of Psychiatry:

Department of Psychiatry is establishment since the beginning of the hospital in 2001 and has a team of six psychiatrist and two clinical psychologists. The department provides comprehensive services in patients with mental health problems. We offer ant-patient consultation and treatment in the form of pharmacothrapy. Psychological assessments and psychotherapy To person., elderly and families suffering for visions psychological disorders.

Services Provided :

Outpatient clinical assessment, diagnosis and treatment ( pharmacological and psychological ) of vaicues conditions ranging from – stress and lifestyle related disorders like adjustment disorder , Anxiety , Depression, obsessive compulsive Disorders etc. which lead to a lot of distress-to more severe disorders like . Schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders, Bipolar mood disorders, Substance dependence etc which lead to a lot of disability.

In addition liaison services are also provided to inpatients having psychological issues .

Psychological testing and specific psychotherapies are also given by trained clinical Psychologists.