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About Department:

Emerging sub specialities of Orthopaedics. It is an evolving branch and both, Dr Milind Gajewar and Dr Amrish Bidaye are fellowship trained Orthopaedic surgeons. During their extensive training they got opportunity to work with pioneers in the fields and achieve hand on experience. Both doctors trained in UK in NHS.

Procedures / Surgeries performed in dept:

Ankle fractures, Calcaneum fractures, Talus fractures Lisfranc injuries, Tibia fractures and all other fracture treatment.

All Sports injuries of ankle and foot like -Standard Ankle sprains, high ankle sprain/syndesmosis injury, Chronic Ankle instability, Turf toe are managed both surgically and non-surgically.

Surgery for Achillis Tendon ruptures and other pathology like chronic heel pain and Achillis tendinopathies- FHL transfer surgery

Surgery for peroneal tenon subluxation – Groove deepening procedure and tendon stabilisation

Peroneal tendon repair surgery

Surgery for old Achillis Tendon ruptures and tendon transfers

Surgery for long standing foot drop

Flat foot treatment in all age groups is undertaken – both non operative and operative. Also, latest techniques for flat foot management like HYPROCURE STJ stent insertion is available

Surgery for Cavus foot (High Arch)

Diabetic foot surgeries and Charcot’s arthropathy corrective surgery, Fractures in diabetics, ulcers management in diabetics and other neurological problems- VAC therapy

Bunion surgery, curly toes, claw toes, hammer toes corrective surgery

Rheumatic foot corrective surgery and fusion surgery

Complex deformity correction with osteotomies and TSF

Ankle joint arthroscopy

Surgery for Talar dome OCD lesions- Arthroscopy microfracture/ OATS procedure, Retrograde drilling of OCD lesion

Treatment of ankle arthritis and arthroscopy assisted ankle fusion and open ankle fusion

Surgery for other arthritic joint in foot like midfoot, subtalar joint, talonavicular joints, big toe arthritis and toe arthritis

Prominent equipments:

Foot scanning with our Physiotherapy department

Other Infrastructure / Technology:

Orthotics making and specific physiotherapy support

Collaborations / Tie-ups (Local, Foreign):

We work closely with on site orthotics, physiotherapy team. For complex patients we work with vascular surgeons, plastic surgeons, physician and ICU team and other orthopaedic superspecialists.

Direct Telephone/Fax/EMail

Telephone : 020-4015 1042

Email : orthopaedics@dmhospital.org