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About Department:

Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Department manages patients suffering from Cardiac (conditions/ surgeries), Pumonary and Renal conditions, Pre and Post Major surgeries (Oncosurgeries, Abdominl Transplant), Patients requiring Critical Care, in preventing circulatory and respiratory complications, for early mobility and discharge.

These patents are reviewed on OPD basis for long term follow up and management to improve strength, endurance and overall Quality of life.

We review patients suffering from Lifestyle Disorders (Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Obesity etc.) to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Procedures performed in dept:

1) Cardiac Rehabilitation

2) Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Prominent equipments:

Treadmill, Static Cycle, Cross Trainer, Strength training equipments.

Schemes (if any):

Packages for Cardiac and Pulmonry Rehabilitation.

Past conference or event details:

1.) World Heart Day: 29th September 2019: Walkaton/ Cricket match.

2.) Cardiac Rehabilitation Webinar on 14th December 2021

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