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Sunday June 02, 2024
ACE Plus Course
ACE Plus Course
Organized by Department of Critical Care Medicine Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital and Research Center
Course Highlights:
1. Practice interpreting ventilator graphics for diagnosis and treatment.
2. Novel techniques in Ventilation - Invasive and Non Invasive
3. Interpretation of arterial waveforms, EtCO2, and other essential hemodynamic parameters.
4. Overview of shock with IABP, Pacin and ACLS.
5. Hands-on skills with invasive line insertion, airway adjunct utilization, and a strong focus on ultrasound techniques.
6. Assessment of Trauma patients.
7. Nutrition - Enteral and Parenteral
8. Introducing TEG / ROTEM, Renal replacement therapy priniciples, Sepsis + Infection Control practices
9. Effective Communication skills and Medical handover