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MBBS MS(Gen. Surgery),M.Ch. (Surgical Oncology), Fellowship in Minimal Access G I Oncosurgery And Peritonectomy And Hyperthermic Intra operative Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy(HIPEC) Traveling Fellow To Peritoneal Malignancy Clinic, Basingstoke, UK,MBBS
Consultant type:Honorary Consultant
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Expertise: Cytoreductive surgery and Hyperthermic intra-operative intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC)
                   Minimally Invasive Surgery ( Laparoscopic Colorectal Onco-Surgery) 

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Designation: Fellow of minimal access and robotic GI surgery (Department of Surgical Oncology, Tata Memorial Centre)

Academic Qualifications:

  1. M.B,B.S, Seth GS Medical College, KEM Hospital, Mumbai, India. [ Time Period : 2001-2007 ]
  2. M.S ( General Surgery), Seth GS Medical College, KEM Hospital, Mumbai, India. [ Time Period : 2007-2010 ]
  3. M.Ch (Surgical Oncolgy), Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai, India. [ Time Period : 2011-2014 ]

Registration Number: 2007/05/1942 (Maharashtra Medical Council)

Work Experience:

  1. 3 years of General Surgery residency at KEM Hospital, Mumbai.
  2. Senior Residency (including superspeciality course) for 4 years at Department of Surgical Oncology at Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai.
  3. Specialist registrar (Post-superspeciality) for 1 year at Department of Surgical Oncology at Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai.
  4. Organized & conducted cadaveric liver surgery & organ retrieval work shop in IHPBA, Indian chapter, Mumbai, 2014.
  5. Fellow in minimal access & robotic GI surgery at Department of GI oncology at Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai 2015-16.
Serial Number Oncology Service (TMH) Work Experience (Months)
1 Breast Surgery 6
2 Gastro-Intestinal Surgery 10
3 Thoracic Surgery 5
4 Head & Neck Surgery 15
5 Urological Oncosurgery 8
6 Bone & Soft Tissue Surgery 4
7 Pediatric Surgery 4
8 Onco-Surgery at Rural Health Set up 2


Podium (Best Paper presentation):

Title: Pancreatic Trauma & significance of identification of ductal injury & its timely management.

Authors: Dr Anup Tamhankar, Dr Varsha Kulkarni.

Venue : Association of Surgeons of India Conference (ASICON) (Coimbatore) (National Conference)

Year : 2009


Title: Clinical T stage as predictor of depth of invasion in early tongue cancer.

Authors: Dr Anup Tamhankar, Dr Abhishek Vaidya, Dr Gouri Pantavaidya, Dr A K D’Cruz.

Venue : Federation of Head & Neck Oncology (FHNO, Jaipur)(National Conference)

Year : 2013

Poster: Leiomyosarcoma of Penis: Report of two cases.

Authors: Dr Gagan Prakash, Dr Ganesh Bakshi, Dr Anup Tamhankar Dr Suraj Agarwal, Dr Krunal Khobragade

Venue : Urological Society of India conference (USICON) (National Conference)

Year : 2014

Video Presentation: Laparoscopic total proctocolectomy with transanal mucosectomy and ileal pouch anal anastomosis.

Authors: Dr Ashwin D’Souza, Dr Rachel Gomes, Dr Avanish Saklani, Dr Anup Tamhankar

Venue: Tripartite Colorectal Meeting (ACPGBI)(International Conference)

Year : 2014

5. Poster:

Signet Ring Cell Colorectal Carcinoma (SRCC): Do we need to improve treatment algorithm? (PWE 284)

Authors: Dr Anup Tamhankar, Dr Parag Ingle, Dr Reena Engineer, Dr Avanish Saklani

Venue: Digestive Disease Federation, Excel, London. (International Conference)

Year: 2015

6. Poster:

Total Robotic Radical Rectal Resection with da Vinci Xi System: Single Docking & Single Phase Technique. (PWE 285)

Authors : Dr Anup Tamhankar, Dr Avanish Saklani

Venue: Digestive Disease Federation, Excel, London. (International Conference)

Year: 2015


  1. A Rare Presentation of Euthyroid Orbitopathy in Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma.,
    Pankaj Chaturvedi, Anup Tamhankar,
    Int J Head Neck Surg 2013;4(3):145-147.
  2. Simultaneous bilateral laparoscopic adrenalectomy for pheochromocytoma in multiple endocrine neoplasia (MEN) syndrome: Case report with review literature
    Kaushal Yadav, Ganesh Bakshi, Gagan Prakash, Anup Tamhankar, and Kamlesh Verma
    Int J Surg Case Rep. 2014; 5(8): 487–490.
  3. Retiform hemangioendothelioma over forehead: A rare tumor treated with chemoradiation and a review of literature.
    Anup Tamhankar, Abhishek Vaidya, Prathamesh Pai
    J Can Res Ther [Epub ahead of print] [cited 2015 Feb 9].
    Available from: http://www.cancerjournal.net/preprintarticle.asp?id=148693


  1. 3rd rank in final M.B,B.S ( Maharashtra University of Health Sciences) (2007)
  2. BEST THESIS’ for M.S (General Surgery) (2010). Title: Raised Body Mass Index & its impact on post-operative complications.
  3. 3rd prize in ASICON, Coimbatore (National Conference) for Best Paper (2009).
  4. 1st prize (Gold Medal) for poster presentation in FHNO, Jaipur (National Conference) (2014).
  5. 1st rank (Gold Medal) in M.Ch Superspeciality exam (Homi Bhabha National University) (2014).

Ongoing Projects:

  1. Signet Ring Cell Colorectal Cancer (SRCC). Do we need to modify treatment algorithm?
    (Under Review)
    (The study tries to evaluate high incidence of SRCC in Indian population and possible role of prophylactic HIPEC in these patients.
  2. Total robotic radical rectal resection with da Vinci Xi system: Single docking, single phase technique.
    Int J Med Robot. 2016 Feb 3. doi: 10.1002/rcs.1734. [Epub ahead of print]
    (This is the initial assessment of use of new robotic xi system for rectal cancer surgery with a novel technique.)
  3. Role of PET CT Scan in redefining treatment of incidental gall bladder carcinoma
    J Surg Oncol. 2016 May;113(6):652-8. doi: 10.1002/jso.24198. Epub 2016 Feb 5.
    (The study postulates possible modifications in the management of incidentally detected gall bladder carcinoma with the help of PETCECT scan.)

Special Interests and scope of surgeries

  1. Cytoreductive surgery and Hyperthermic intra-operative intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC)
  2. Minimally Invasive Surgery ( Laparoscopic Colorectal Onco-Surgery)
  3. Advanced Colo-Rectal Surgeries including

    Ultra-Low Anterior Resections (ULAR)
    Intersphincteric resections (ISR)
    Extra-levator Abdominoperineal resection (E-APR)
    Pelvic Exenterations & Sacrectomies
    Transanal Endoscopic Micro-Surgery (TEMS)

  4. Robotic Oncosurgery
  5. Hepato-biliary Oncosurgery

Future Perspectives:

  1. Systematic Research in efficacy of traditional contemporary medicine (Ayurvedic) for treatment of solid organ malignancies.
  2. New drug development from traditional resources (e.g plants) in collaboration with biotechnology department of the university and pharmaceutical companies.
  3. Basic Sciences & Molecular Oncology at Advanced Centre for Treatment & Research of Cancer (ACTREC) with Tata Memorial Centre.