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MBBS DCH, M.D.(Pediatrics), D.M(Neuro), Post doctoral fellowship in Epilepsy
Consultant type:Honorary Consultant
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Professional Education and Experience:

Passed DM Degree examination in December 2012 from Sree Chitra Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology, Trivandrum, the premiere super specialty medical institute of India.

Clinical fellowship in Epilepsy for 1 year at Sree Chitra Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology, Trivandrum, which is largest epilepsy programme in Asia

Become World federation of Sleep certified consultant  in Sleep in June 2014

Working as Assistant Professor in Neurology at Bharti Vidyapeeth Medical college and hospital, Pune , since 2014


  • 1st Prize for best paper on Epilepsy at National conference of Indian Academy of Neurology, Indore 2013 – Clinical, neuroimaging and electrophysiological characteristics of patients with medically refractory Eating Epilepsy
  • 1st prize for Poster presentation at pediatric epilepsy symposium, Hyderabad- Landau –Kleffner syndrome :Natural history and long term prognosis
  • 1st prize for best paper  at science meet 2012, SCTIMST: Limbic encephalitis: Clinical spectrum and long-term outcome from a developing country perspective
  • 1st prize at European society of Neurology symposium, Hyderabad 2012, National quiz
  • 2nd prize at IANCON 2012,Ahemadabad,Neurology National quiz


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  • Case of the Week: Skull base osteomyelitis : AJNR
  • Classical Image : Hypoparathyroidism :Accepted for publication in AJNR
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  • Associate member of the Indian Academy of Neurology
  • American Association of Neurology
  • Member of the International Child Neurology Association
  • Indian Epilepsy society