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Training & Event


Topic Date Trainer
Writing research Proposal 21/05/2011 Dr M. Dhadphale
WHO – ILAR- COPCORD Project of Rheumatoid Arthritis- 16/07/2011 Dr A Chopra
Qualitative Research in Medicine 06/08/2011 Dr S Kulkarni
ICH GCP guidelines 08/09/2011 Quintiles Research
How to use SPSS software and Neural network- 17/10/2011 Mr V Joshi
Literature Review 14/01/2012 Dr P Pairaiturker
Basic SPSS Training- 20/04/2012 Dr V Joshi
Testing Hypothesis 18/05/2012 Dr A Kanade
Informed Consent Document 13/09/2012 Dr Chetan Deshmukh
GCP training 18/12/2012 Pfizer
ICH GCP 22/02/2013 Quintiles
“Ayu Soft” software 29/04/13 Dr Pramod Dhawale