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Ethics Committee

Ethics Committee

( DCGI Reg No- ECR/15/Inst/Maha/2013)

Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC) at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital and Research Centre (DMHRC) functions as per its Standard Operating Procedures and the applicable regulation and guidelines viz. Schedule Y & Good Clinical Practice guidelines.

Assisting Committees/ Sub-committees of Institutional Ethics Committee:

Experts from various backgrounds help the IEC in the scientific review of the proposals through 3 sub-committees. Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) – for sponsored clinical trials Core Committee for Promotion of Research (CCPR) – for in-house research projects Scientific Advisory Committee for Integrated Research (SAC-IR) – for research projects involving more than one stream of medicine (pathy)

IEC at DMHRC conducts periodic monitoring visits and the report is submitted to the ethics committee every month.

All the Institutional Ethics Committee members are trained in GCP.

The members attend various conferences to keep themselves updated with the current scenario in medical research.

Institutional Ethics Committee meeting is held once a month.

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