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Year 2012

3 rd prize in best oral presentations.
Dr Sameer Jog, Dr Divyesh Patel, Dr Monika Kothari Dr Safal Sable CRITICARE 2012, 18th ISCCM National conference, Pune, India.

1st prize for best oral presentation and research
Dr Sameer Jog, Dr Divyesh Patel, Dr Tejal Dravid, Dr Balasaheb Pawar, Dr Prasad Akole, SN Dibin K. Chandran
CRITICARE 2012, 18th ISCCM National conference, Pune, India. - 32nd ISICEM, Brussels, Belgium

Dr. Veena Joshi received full scholarship to present "Public Awareness of Clinical Trials" as moderated Discussion at Advancing Ethical Research Conference.3 to 6 Dec 2012, SanDieago, USA.

Winner of “Dr. C. Sita Devi Award during 38th conference of the Association of clinical Biochemists
Naik S, Bhide V, Babhulkar A, Mahalle N Paper presentation at Public health conference at Pune University by Mrs. N. Mahale
Effect of milk/milk product’s consumption on Holo transcobalamin, vitamin B12 and homocysteine concentrations

Dr. Nirmala Agarwal Reproductive Medicine Prize ” For Free Paper .
Dr. Priyanka Sara, Dr. Anuradha Wakankar, At the 27th Annual Conference of AICC RCOG March 2012
’First Trimester Bleeding in Singleton Pregnancy - Correlation with Obstetric & Perinatal Outcome

“Dr.Mohinder Kochar Award” For Free Paper
Dr. Ameya Sameer Kanakiya, Dr. Vasanti Doctor, Dr. Asha Gokhale At the 27th Annual Conference of AICC RCOG March 2012
Laparoscopic anterior colpopexy for vaginal vault prolapsed

Year 2011

First prize in Biochemistry at research student seminar
Ms. Namita Mahale, Dr. Sadanand Naik (PI), Dr. Ashish Babhulkar
Effect of milk/milk products consumption on plasma holo-transecobalamine and Vitamin
B12 concentration

Year 2010

Best Paper
Dr. H.M.Wakankar
Ranawat orthopaedic conf (Kolkotta)
Safety profile of single stage bilateral TKRS (714 cases)

Best Paper
Dr. H.M.Wakankar
(MOACON – Nasik)
Sequence of medial release in varus knees (1994 TKRS)

Best Paper
Dr.H.M.Wakankar, Dr.M.M.Kulkarni
(MOACON – Nasik)
Efficacy of laminar airflow in reducing air-borne bacterial count

Poster award
Dr. H.M.Wakankar
(MOACON – Nasik)
Computer navigation in TKRS with extra articular deformity

Year 2009

First prize for paper presentation
Dr. Vijayashri Bhide, Dr. Koumudi Godbole, Dr. Savitri Nerune
Fetal pathology-clinico-pathological correlation

Best Paper
Dr. H.M.Wakankar
Ishks 2009(new Delhi)
Complication rates in single stage bilateral TKRS(664 cases)

Year 2008

Best Paper presentation
Dr. Sameer Jog
Intermittent hemodialysis in septic shock patients – cutting costs; not corners

Best Paper presentation
Dr. Sameer Jog
High frequency oscillatory ventilation in ARDS – can we predict success?

Patent under new IP laws,No+198510
Dr. Arvind Bhave
AB Needle for Vertebroplasty.


Dr. Sameer Jog: lothian Health board Scotland Grant
European Society of intensive care medicine study of therapeutic hypothermia (32-350 C) for ICP reduction after traumatic brain injury.
Dr. Mrinalini Moghe: CSIR Grant
Studies on alteration in spindle Assembly checkpoint genes in Aneuploid Abortuses
Dr. Mrinalini Moghe: CSIR Grant
Localization of MAD 2 protein on centromere of human chromosome.
Dr. Amol Rege: AO Spine grant
Evaluation of Efficacy of Iyengar yoga therapy in chronic low back pain
Dr. Pradyumna: AO Spine grant
Prevalence of vitamin D deficiency and its implications with low back pain among people working in BPO office.